What makes Optimum Performance Physical Therapy so unique?

  • A variety of manual therapy specialities for treating spinal & sports injuries and postoperative conditions.
  • Highly specialized sports rehabilitation techniques & equipment to help everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors.
  • Hands-on physical therapy & highly personalized care from licensed therapists who take the time to get to know you & to develop a treatment plan that’s precisely right for your particular situation.
  • Extensive patient education, including sports & wellness programs to help you prevent reinjury.
  • A friendly, close-knit staff who uses new & alternative methods in manual therapies for faster recovery.
  • The experience of physical therapists whose musculoskeletal expertise has helped thousands feel better without medication or surgery.
  • A comprehensive three-dimensional approach to effectively treat all areas that contribute to your pain & weakness.
  • Video analysis of gait and running.

Taking the time.

Communication and education are the keys to achieving your rehabilitation and physical fitness goals. Relieving your pain and helping you prevent reinjury is our focus at Optimum Performance Physical Therapy. Over the years, we’ve realized that a well-educated patient is more likely to recover more quickly and with better results.

That’s why we always take the time to explain our approach. On your initial visit, we’ll spend about an hour with you to help ensure we fully understand the reasons for your pain and help discover the best ways to relieve it.