Sports & Orthopaedic Care

With an extensive background in sports and orthopedic rehabilitation that includes over 100 hours per year of continuing education, Rick Rutkowski and his staff have the knowledge and experience to get you quickly back in action. He can develop a customized program to increase your strength, mobility, endurance and performance. Other features of his sports medicine programs include:

  • • Advanced performance-enhancing training to help professional, college & even weekend athletes reach their full potential.
  • • The latest sports medicine equipment to improve strength, balance, agility & flexibility for any sport or activity.
  • • Specialized taping (Kinesio/McConnell) techniques to improve pain and neuromuscular control.
  • • The latest scientific principles of sports medicine & strength & conditioning to help you achieve your goals while preventing injuries.
  • • Personal training programs to help you lose weight, improve muscle tone & increase cardiovascular health.
  • • Video gait/running analysis for advanced biomechanical diagnostics.
  • • Counseling on healthier lifestyle changes that will positively affect all aspects of your life.

TrainSmart Personal Training Program

• For Kids: Practice the foundations of movement to learn the right way to exercise, be fit and gain that athletic advantage. Age-appropriate testing and exercise training to improve flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, speed, and power.
A customized program designed to analyze the potential injury before it strikes.
Maximize your potential and longevity in any sport and protect that future college scholarship.
• For Adults: Recover from old injuries while getting fit, looking lean and decreasing your risk for heart disease, type II diabetes and more. Statistics show that with our program you can slow or even reverse the aging process and all the ailments that come along with a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. We offer the most comprehensive assessment and fitness program to improve all components of your health and well-being. Live without pain and worrying about what may happen in the future. Don’t lose work or recreation time and avoid costly medical bills that come with the usual aliments and diseases that crop up during midlife and beyond.
Stay active and regain your abilities to play sports with your friends and kids.
• For Seniors: Improve your strength, motion, flexibility, balance at any age. Lead a more active lifestyle, prevent falls and injuries and enjoy life. Specific senior fitness tests designed for people over 60 to keep you more mobile and fit while keeping out of the doctor’s office!
You can improve your functional abilities to walk, climb stairs and pick up your grandkids with our specific program designed just for you.
Come train with the REAL experts in the movement sciences. Learn more >>

Golf Program

Golf specific program using PT, functional training and core exercises to restore pain free powerful swing mechanics.

Spine Care

Hands on physical therapy and osteopathic techniques are the cornerstone of our spine care program. These will help us assess and treat painful movement limitations throughout your body to deliver immediate pain relief and movement symmetry.

TMJ Care

Jaw pain is treated with hands on techniques to your tempormanibular joint (TMJ) and spine combined with extensive patient education to help alleviate pain with jaw motions involve in eating, chewing, and yawning.


Certain injuries and ailments prevent us from walking, jogging, and running without pain. Many of our patients respond well to custom orthotics for work and play! Orthotics can significantly improve the biomechanics of the lower limb and have a positive therapeutic impact for the entire body. Properly fitted shoes are a must! See the experts at Eneslow (32 street and Park Ave) where they offer professional pedorthists and shoe fitters with a great line of footwear.

Performing Arts

Performers experience unique demands on their body and require the special skills and training of a Physical Therapist familiar with this sport. Our therapists have specific training thru NYU's Harkness Center for Dance Injury


The most advanced running analysis anywhere!

  • • PT specific biomechanical evaluation
  • • Functional movement screen
  • • Video running analysis

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Asymmetry® is a science and rehab based exercise class to help restore stronger, more flexible, and pain free symmetrical movement throughout your body. Please see for more details.


This unique hybrid workout and body assessment incorporates concepts from physical therapy, personal training, yoga, and Pilates. Take your training in any sport to the next level with this new program only from Optimum Performance Physical Therapy. Learn more >>


Gentle and effective treatments for babies with Congenital Muscular Torticollis (CMT) can help restore normal symmetrical motions within the head and neck. These are achieved through gentle stretching, positioning, and parental education.

Vestibular (Vertigo) Care

Symptoms of vertigo (BPPV) can be reduced and even eliminated using specific hands on techniques.

Visceral Manipulation

Through gentle, intuitive assessments and manipulation of the organs and their connective tissues, a patient can experience pain relief and improved digestion. See on YouTube video entitled "Stomach pain: an uncommon cure"

Alter G Anti-gravity treadmill

Walk or run on the moon… The Atler G antigravity treadmill comes to Optimum performance Physical Therapy. Please call us to schedule an appointment.

Athletic Nutrition

We have local registered dietitians for nutrition consultations in relation to physical therapy and our trainsmart personal training program. Below is a very useful USA Olympics Team link for athletes.
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